Tax optimisation

We minimise tax burdens and limit financial risk, considering the specific characteristics of client’s operations as well as regulations of domestic and international law.

Every business has a right to make such tax decisions which are most advantageous to it. This applies in particular to a situation when a complex and not fully transparent tax system becomes a barrier to the development of entrepreneurship. We plan and implement activities based on the above rule, with the fulfilment of applicable legal regulations. We are for you to help you minimise tax burdens. We plan and implement activities which are fully legal, valuable and optimal to the company. They enable lawful reduction of tax obligations, which has an impact on the improvement of financial result.

Our company specialises in:

  • tax planning – we offer optimisation solutions adapted to specific business situations; we monitor and analyse applicable legal regulations on an ongoing basis in order to use them in the company’s operations in the best way possible;
  • reduction of tax burdens – we do it legally, using the possibilities offered by tax relief, tax exemptions, deductions and various legal forms of business, etc.