Human Capital

We increase the effectiveness of organisations with the use of human capital in two ways: through personnel consulting offered by the best specialists from our team and by recruiting highly qualified employees for our clients. We support both the design and implementation of schemes that will improve the functioning of the entire HR area.

Nowadays, enterprises face considerable challenges related to progressing globalisation, digitisation and development of new technologies. Coping with these challenges and the resulting success of the majority of activities depend on the people employed to deal with them. Employees belong to the most important elements decisive for the value of the company. Therefore, we strive to strengthen the value, for example, by constantly increasing the potential of employees. We also provide innovative analytical tools, detailed tests and knowledge necessary for effective management of human capital.

Our services in this field:

  • transformation of human resources and the practice of talent management (recruitment advising, recruitment process planning and management, verification of applications sent, meetings with candidates with the participation of clients, recruiting good candidates, assistance in issues related to staff redundancy or structural changes)
  • tests and analyses concerning the indicated field in the labour market and human capital potential in a given company
  • HR training
  • ensuring tools to increase employees’ involvement
  • IT contracting – providing IT services through external specialists: creating new environments and platforms intended for application management, data warehouses, CRM systems, Business Intelligence platforms, ERP, security audits
  • internship schemes
  • employer branding – the use of modern methods of searching for the best employees with the strengthening of company image